The goal of a quality temporary placement is to minimize training and maximize production when you, our client, need it the most. Whether it is filling a temporary position in an hour, tomorrow or next week, our staffing specialists will be there to assist you with your most critical staffing needs. Our recruiters thoroughly evaluate each of our temporary associates before sending them out on an assignment to ensure that our employees are prepared to meet and exceed your requirements and expectations.

QualStaff’s Temporary Employment Benefits
  • Access to a highly skilled workforce to meet your fluctuating workloads.
  • Accept responsibility for all QualStaff temporary employee-related matters.
  • Accountable for the application, screening and verification process as well as test, interview and evaluate all employees that we assign to positions with our clients.
  • Select the best employee for each assignment based upon the job assignment information.
  • Manage all payroll administration, including setting pay rates, tax compliance, pay and benefits administration.
  • Handle all employment and performance management issues including; issues involving promotion,demotion, pay increase/decrease, discipline and termination.
  • Reinforce our employee/employer relationship through reorientation, ongoing communication and recognition activities.




Temporary-to-Hire Placement is one of the fastest growing hiring approaches in the staffing industry. It allows our clients the opportunity to hire by providing a trial period during which they can evaluate the long-term employment fit.

At QualStaff, we want to help our clients find long-term solutions for each job opening. Therefore, it is important that a candidate not only have the correct skill level, experience, industry knowledge and compatible salary requirements, our candidate must also be a good environmental match for our client.

Once it is determined that our client wants to hire our associate, we provide the necessary information, support and follow up, which allows the conversion to happen without unnecessary delays.




QualStaff’s recruiters are experienced placement professionals who use their industry experience and thorough understanding of our clients to successfully identify, screen and place highly productive employees. We utilize the following placement process:

  • Client Profile and Orientation Development
  • Position Specific Assessment
  • Research and Network of Relevant Industry Contacts
  • Identification of Candidates
  • Candidate Interviews and Evaluation
  • Candidate References and Verifications
  • Presentation of Candidates
  • Communication and Negotiation
  • Post-Placement Follow-Up


*Every QualStaff Direct Hire Placement is backed by our Performance and Lifetime Guarantees!




QualStaff’s One Source Management program allows companies that have a large-scale temporary workforce to increase their flexibility and productivity, while maintaining quality temporary associates. One Source coordinates the temporary workforce to meet the changing needs of business. QualStaff’s One Source Management program is most effective when coordinated by a QualStaff On-Site Manager, who will coordinate, supervise and optimize the functions of the temporary associates at our client’s site.


Advantages of ONE SOURCE management include:
  • A single, accountable contact (On-Site Manager)
  • Ongoing management of temporary staff usage and hours
  • On-Site recruitment and retention
  • Customized testing and training
  • New temporary orientations
  • Temporary employee-relations management
  • Coordination of all secondary suppliers
  • Usage and qualitative measurement reports


*ONE SOURCE gives us an opportunity to customize our services to better suit our clients’ business objectives.




QualStaff’s Outsourced Recruiting Management Services (ORM) provides our clients with an effective, measurable, and flexible alternative to recruit their full-time employees. ORM integrates into our clients’organization to provide seamless results for our clients’ hiring managers. ORM works in partnership with senior management to establish goals, processes and benchmarks for our clients’ staffing requirements. QualStaff’s specialty placement divisions’ recruiters provide the expertise and established recruiting resources, which result in a cost effective solution to locating and hiring the top talent in the marketplace.




Project Recruiting Services provides companies that have large scale, urgent hiring needs with the resources to meet their hiring deadlines. Through Project Recruiting, we have been successful in helping our clients find quality individuals for their openings in a very short timeframe.

In Project Recruiting, QualStaff handles the public relations, screening, testing and interviewing in order to narrow hundreds of applicants down to the most qualified candidates for our clients to interview. Within a short period of time, our intense recruiting provides our clients with a flow of qualified individuals to meet their hiring needs.




QualStaff’s payroll service allows our clients to refer people to QualStaff and utilize them for temporary assignments. We assume all legal obligations for the payroll employees’ wages, payroll deductions, unemployment insurance and worker’s compensation. Our clients receive the same high quality temporary employment services at a reduced cost.